About Us

At elLiteracy, we believe that teachers are passionate and dedicated professionals who value education and its power to improve our world. This website was created with those teachers in mind: Teachers who care and are always looking for ways to meet the unique needs of all their students.

Created by a teacher, elLiteracy values teachers’ time, dedication, and expertise, by offering them the flexibility to use their own content, while providing state of the art technological tools to reach their students more effectively and efficiently.

As a language teacher of over 16 years, our founder had become very familiar, not only with her students’ struggle to learn due to their low reading levels or limited English language skills, but also her colleagues’ frustration with the lack of adequate resources to help their students.

Research in literacy development asserts that the foundation for reading comprehension is oral reading fluency, which is the ability to decode known and unknown words with automaticity, accuracy, and speed. It also suggests that the most effective strategy to develop reading fluency is guided repeated reading. However, the implementation of this instructional practice is undeniably challenging for our teachers, due to large class sizes and the already overwhelming curriculum demands. Without additional human resources in the classroom, assessing and helping students achieve oral reading fluency is unfeasible.

Although there are plenty of online resources that help assess and improve students' reading comprehension, there aren’t any practical resources out there for teachers to easily and adequately help students improve their oral reading fluency.

That’s why elLiteracy was created, to help teachers be more successful in helping students improve their reading and language skills.

Try us out now! Your students will be forever grateful!

Our Vision

Elevating Lifelong Learning through Literacy!

Our Mission

Providing teachers with the technological tools to help their students thrive and love learning for life.

Our Founder

Dayra Gaitan Crespo

Dayra Gaitan Crespo, is originally from Rivera, Colombia. She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1999, right after graduating with a BA in Modern Languages, from Universidad Surcolombiana. She also holds a M.Ed. in TESOL from Grand Canyon University, and has worked as an ESL teacher at Granite Park Jr High since 2003.

At her school, she has served as the Alternative Language Program Leader, in charge of advocating for all English Language Learners and assisting teachers in the implementation of research-based strategies to help their ELL students.