Why elLiteracy?

Researchers agree that the foundation for reading is the ability to read words quickly, accurately and effortlessly. Without this skill, reading comprehension is unattainable, and consequently, success in school and beyond. They also suggest that explicit and systemic spelling instruction can significantly improve reading ability and that the key to improving oral reading fluency is guided repeated reading through one-on-one tutoring.

elLiteracy does just that! It helps teachers become their students’ online reading tutor! Students can hear model reading by listening to text, then record themselves reading aloud, while our program provides them with immediate feedback on mispronounced words!

elLiteracy is the only online tool that immediately corrects students’ reading, saving teacher’s time and finally making differentiation a tangible approach in the classroom!

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R.B. Software

Students can listen to text and record themselves reading

Teachers have the flexibility of uploading their own text

Reasonable pricing for teachers

Effective for English Language Learners

Offers multiple languages

Suitable for all ages

Provides students with immediate input on mispronounced words

A platform 100% created by a teacher

Teacher and Student Friendly

Offers dictation for spelling practice

Offers an automatic system for Oral Reading Fluency assessments

Offers an automatic system for guided repeated reading sessions